The most common bonuses to get in an online casino

March 7, 2021 by No Comments

What makes a good online casino?

Even those who have visited a game room on one occasion can respond to this without hesitation. The entertainment will be what some say, the environment will answer many others, but the average response is oriented in the same: money.

Spending a pleasant time and make money are the characteristics that a player attributes to casinos. It is true, luck can play in their favor and make them win most of the rounds, but when it is not, the casino can result in an anguishing place, of vices, credits, and customers losing their nerves before every penny they see going her hands.

Casino players lose more than they earn, many people who are not gamblers have considered what has been the strategy that kept them and keeps them standing, especially when money begins to decline and people do not start to be attracted to their machines.

A game room, directly, does not put pressure on any of its users to keep it attached to its facilities. In fact, when they are online casinos, null contact makes this a less remote possibility. However, business is business and the managers who once sent over the first casinos planned their tactic: bonuses.

What better than free money to earn more free money? The more you analyze, the business becomes rounder. You just have to add in the formula a group of players interested in winning and stubbornly refusing to give up their moments of fun.

So, the bonds became that strategy that made the casinos – especially the online rooms – a more attractive place, the more offers and opportunities to keep filling your pockets, the better.

However, the casinos have armed themselves with so many additional bonuses and spices, that sometimes the idea of ​​a promotion is only associated with playing free rounds. It is true that this is the main function, but there is much more in them that can be explained. In fact, there are three bonuses that make the casino the best place for your players.

Sticky bonus

This is a modern option that only belongs to online casinos, and its main objective is to win the loyalty of the players. It is a variant of the welcome bonus but conditioned to some games, usually blackjack, dice, and roulettes.

The “sticky bonus” gives much more money than any other free welcome bonus. It is exempt from Terms and Conditions and usually increases a player’s income in a range that goes from two hundred to four hundred percent. This may not mean much in small numbers, but another purpose of online casinos to include these bonuses is, precisely, encourage them to make juicier bets.

With the sticky bonus, bankruptcy feels more alien to the players. However, there are some considerations to be aware of, as not in all cases it is a bonus of this type. Therefore, getting phrases like “just to play or bet” or “increase your earnings” are clear indications that it is a sticky promotion.

All this favorable environment, however, has its negative side; and what most plays against the sticky bonds is their lack of Conditions, which can result in charges for lower amounts. After all, it is a “sticky” bonus that will never leave the online game room.

Matching deposit bonus

This bonus is typical of online casinos in the same way as it is in conventional gaming rooms. It is easy to understand for players and is summarized as one of the most beneficial promotions ever delivered by a casino.

To access this bonus, of course, you must enter an amount of money in the account intended to play. However, players who benefit from this have the opportunity to double or triple the money they have entered. For example, if a person deposits a hundred dollars as initial credit, the casino can increase that figure to two or three hundred dollars.

The promotion includes Terms and Conditions, the most common being the limit of money that will double or triple. What does that mean? That is a player adds $500 to his initial credit, he will not receive a deposit bonus on credit.

Bonus without deposit

Free money to bet after registration, what a way to attract customers! With this bonus there are no deposits in between and, like most, it is delivered immediately at the beginning of the game.

It is a tactic of the casino to do it this way, because the more money the bettors feel they have, the greater the amount they offer in each round. However, the conditions are as applicable in this bond as in any other.

The most common, when it comes to offers without a deposit, is that the game room requires a credit card as a requirement. Nothing will be charged from there until the appropriate time, but it is a guarantee that players will spend that amount within their online platform. In fact, it is considered a method against fraud.